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Joining Skjør

Delighted to have been asked to become a full member of Skjør after having filled in a couple times towards the end of last year! Of course this means that I'm now making less than I was when I was doing session work for them :P but I couldn't miss the chance to be part of such a talented group. The guys have got a lot of developmental stuff planned for this year and I'm looking forward to taking part in it. We've just arrived tonight at Water Colour Music in the Scottish Highlands where we will be spending the next 4 days writing new material. It's a fantastic studio with amazing views of Ben Nevis. Feeling very lucky to have joined this band and been taking away on a wee trip straight away. That sort of thing doesn't happen too often. Decided to experiment with playing with 2 snares with different triggers on each this week. I reckon it is the way forward.

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